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UNLV Community

Rebels Unite!

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Welcome to the UNLV Community on LiveJournal!

This community is for students, alumni, or fans of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Here are the rules:

- Be nice. Flames will not be tolerated.
- Keep the LiveJournal TOS in mind before posting.
- Use plain black text when posting/commenting.
- Please lj-cut lengthy posts and pictures.
- Do not post quizzes or quiz results.
- All posts must have comments enabled.
- Off-topic and duplicate posts will be deleted without notice.
- Promote other communities in community_promo -- not here.
- If you have questions or concerns, contact the moderator.

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- Official UNLV Site
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- UNLV CSUN Student Government
- The Rebel Yell, UNLV Newspaper
- Vagus Nerve, new UNLV Literary Magazine
- UNLV Athletic Site
- Rebelpalooza, Annual Spring Music Festival

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