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signal boosting re: swinger research

Since this is for folks who are academically involved and in a city where swinging isn't such a secret, I figured I'd take a chance and signal boost this here.

So, when I was at the NCFR (National Council on Family Relations) conference in November, I went to a presentation by these researchers about their study involving swinger couples and their communication techniques. It was really interesting, but, due to the high level of secrecy that many swingers maintain, they were having difficulty finding many research participants. I have since been in contact with them and wanted to spread the word in case anyone might want to participate or signal boost or knew folks to tell as well. Here's the official information release:

We are conducting a study to better understand communication techniques used by swinger couples and are seeking married couples to interview. The results of this study will provide insight into how swinger couples negotiate and communicate about non-monogamous sexual experiences. This information may also have practical application for monogamous couples.

To participate, you must be married, both you and your spouse must be willing to participate, you must have a webcam and be willing to chat via Skype, and you and your spouse must have participated in at least one soft- or full-swap swinging experience with another married couple.

The interviews will be scheduled at your convenience, will be conducted over the internet using Skype, will last roughly 45-60 minutes per person, will be digitally audio (not video) recorded, and both you and your spouse will be interviewed separately in back-to-back interviews.

We do not anticipate that you will experience any discomfort beyond that which you may typically experience when discussing your involvement in the lifestyle with others who are lifestyle-friendly. However, participation is voluntary and you may terminate the interview at any time.

You will not be required nor asked to reveal your legal name, geographic location, or any other identifying information, and any identifying information that you do choose to reveal will be kept confidential.

Please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information below if you have any questions about the study. If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant then you may contact the Office of Research Integrity at the University of Kentucky (toll-free: 1-866-400-9428).

If both you and your spouse are interested in participating, please contact us to schedule the interviews by replying to this message, by calling 859-257-7761, or by e-mailing Dr. Jason Hans at


Jason Hans, Ph.D.
Claire Kimberly, Ph.D.

Jason Hans, Ph.D., CFLE
Associate Professor
Department of Family Studies
302 Funkhouser Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506
(859) 257-7761 (voice)
(859) 257-3212 (fax)

Cheers, y'all!
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