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Board of Regents approves elimination of eight UNLV programs

Board of Regents approves elimination of eight UNLV programs

Sad day for UNLV and for Nevada.

My wife was doing pre-CLS (Clinical Laboratory Science) program, which is now eliminated making some of her credits useless. She completed 2 years and was about to enroll next spring. Now that CLS program is cut they do not accept people even for next fall. She will have to do biology BS and then we are moving to California to get her CLS in one of the Californial schools, SF or SD.

Needless to say we are not likely to come back after that, especially since they are paying CLS a lot more in California than in Nevada, and it is generally too expensive to move every couple of years. Too bad for Nevada, I am sure we are not the only ones. If they think that they can cut education and it will not affect the economy negatively- they can think again, in a few years a penny saved now will grow into a dollar lost as they will have to pay double to out of state graduates to be willing to move to this god forsaken state.
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