Moiii (corinnezilla) wrote in unlv,

This community seems a little dead but.....

a few things...

a.)I'm a senior in high school and I applied to UNLV about a solid month ago, and sent in my transcripts about two days later. Every time I check the website however, it still says my admission is being evaluated. But my e-mail told me two to four weeks. Anyone know what could be the hold up maybe? I'm just really nervous is all.

b.)Also, can anyone who lives on campus tell me about the dorm life? I keep hearing mixed reviews. I'll keep hearing on the internet how bad it is, but everyone I've met in real life (excluding tour guides) tells me that it's really fun. I just want the view of maybe someone living on campus right now.

c.) Anyone on the western undergraduate exchange scholarship? How exactly does that work?

d.) Anything essential I should know about UNLV?

thanks in advance.
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